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How to Choose Commercial Table Top Refrigerators?

How to Choose Commercial Table Top Refrigerators?

1. Refrigeration mode of commercial table top refrigerator

Refrigeration mode of refrigerator has two kinds: direct cooling (frost) and air cooling (frostless). Direct cooling refrigerators have good performance of freshness retain and moisture preservation, the price is relatively cheap, but you need to defrost frequently, which is most suitable for use in the north and inland areas where the winter is relatively dry; Frost-free refrigerator freezing chamber can automatic defros, the temperature in the refrigerator is more balance, and the larger the volume is, the more prominent the advantage of the balance freezing effect of the cold quantity distribution, which is more suitable for the use of the higher air humidity along the coast, the Yangtze River and the south of the region. It is worth mentioning that there is a kind of direct cooling refrigerator with a fan in the refrigerator chamber.This advanced dynamic cooling technology not only solves the problem of uneven temperature in the refrigerator chamber of ordinary direct-cooling refrigerators, but also effectively ensures the humidity in the refrigerator. It has gradually become a new favorite for consumption.

2. Brand of commercial table top refrigerators 

Brand reflects the comprehensive level of an enterprise, and is usually a sign of product quality and reputation.In fact, as small as a product, or as large as an enterprise need a process of continuous development and improvement. Long-established and well-known international companies certainly have a clear advantage in this regard. Consumers can choose commercial table top refrigerators according to their own needs, and from the performance and the price of the refrigerators.

3. Materials of commercial table top refrigerator:

When choosing commercial table top refrigerator, we should choose strong and durable ones, such as stalinites, which can ensure strong display and will not be broken to hurt people. Exquisite and beautiful appearance design, can stimulate consumers' desire to buy and also can draw their attention, bring good impression to consumers.

4. Internal structure of commercial table top refrigerators 

The adjustable shelf can be selected to enhance the load-bearing capacity, and the items in the refrigerator can be placed in layers for safety and health.

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