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How to choose the best commercial kitchen refrigerator?

How to choose the best commercial kitchen refrigerator?

From large institutional cafeterias to small restaurants, commercial kitchen refrigerators and freezers within reach can improve the quality and speed of service. Because your refrigerator or freezer within reach will be the most used equipment in your kitchen, it is important to find the correct configuration of door type, compressor and size that suits your needs.

If space permits, when you are close to the hottest part of the kitchen-the production line, it is best to organize the refrigeration flow into gradually smaller units. Because it absorbs the surrounding air, the smaller door does not have to be as hard as the larger 2-door or 3-door model to stay cool in this hot work area.


Compressor location

Because the airflow in the compressor sucks in ambient air to adjust the internal temperature, the warmer the incoming air, the more difficult it is for the compressor to work. When the warm air naturally rises and the cold air falls, the compressors installed at the top and bottom will perform better in some environments.

Compressor installed at the bottom

1. Inhale colder air, making it ideal for hot environments.

2. Take up some storage space, but the bottom shelf is higher and easier to reach.

3. The compressor may be blocked by dust, flour or grease on the floor.

Top-mounted compressor

1. Pull in warmer air to make it more suitable for a cooler environment.

2. It is not easy to clean and maintain, but does not occupy storage space.

3. The compressor is less prone to blockage than the compressor installed at the bottom.

Type of door

When choosing the type of door you want, be sure to consider the location of the entrance, doorway and other equipment, and the width of the aisle in the kitchen. Below are the four types of refrigerator and freezer doors and some key points to consider before making a decision.

Swing doors usually have a keep-open function, which makes loading and unloading inventory easier. However, revolving doors can block traffic in a kitchen with limited space.

The half door is a variation of the traditional swing door, the door is divided into two parts. Because you only open one part at a time, the half-door helps save energy and promotes a more stable internal temperature. However, like traditional revolving doors, they can block the flow of traffic.

There are front and back doors through the straight-through refrigeration equipment. They are usually located between the kitchen preparation area and the server station. This allows kitchen staff to prepare, count and store refrigerated items, such as desserts, waiting for the staff to pull and serve on demand. Pass units have various types of full door and half door types, combinations of glass and solid door materials.

The material of the door

Both solid doors and glass doors have advantages, and there are some disadvantages that you need to consider.

Sturdy door

1. Easier to clean than glass.

2. Insulation is more than glass.

3. Improve energy efficiency but lose product visibility.

Glass door

1. The content can be seen before opening the door; employees are unlikely to stand outside the door until they find what they want.

2. Less insulation than solid doors.

3. Gain product visibility but lose energy efficiency.

Other features to consider

Removable gasket: The gasket forms an airtight seal around the refrigerator door in a commercial kitchen, which can lock the cold air inside. Some touchable parts of the refrigerator have easy-to-remove door mats to speed up cleaning and disinfection.

Digital thermostat: Many new commercial kitchen refrigerators and freezers have extended models equipped with digital thermostats. Because digital thermostats provide more accurate readings and it is easier to monitor and adjust the temperature, they can generally reduce service costs and reduce maintenance calls.

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