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How to choose the right freezer?

How to choose the right freezer?

With the continuous development of social economy, it is not difficult to find that all kinds of fresh-keeping display cabinets have become one of the must-haves in major shopping malls and small shops. Because the fresh-keeping display cabinet not only prolongs the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables in the store, but also improves the overall quality of the store and promotes the sales of high-profit products. So how should we buy commercial refrigerated fresh-keeping cabinets?

1. The preservation effect is the most important

The function of the fresh-keeping cabinet is to keep food fresh, so the most important thing to pay attention to when buying a fresh-keeping display cabinet is to look at the fresh-keeping effect of the freezer. A good freezer uses high-quality compressors and has a fast cooling speed; the overall foaming technology has good heat preservation performance, and of course the freshness preservation effect is good. Ensure the freshness of food and reduce the loss of fruits and vegetables.

2. How much can be installed is also very important

There are many types and styles of refrigerators on the market, and the purchase should be determined according to the size of the store, the passenger flow, and the type and quantity of the displayed goods. If you are not sure, you can consult with refrigerator sales, etc. The suggestions they generally give are very practical. Don't blindly buy large-capacity freezer products, the ones that suit you are the best.

3. Energy consumption is the key

As a 24-hour non-stop product, the power consumption of the freezer is a big expense in the store. It is necessary to choose a refrigerator with good cooling efficiency and more energy saving. For merchants, saving is the profit of the store.

4. Quality is the core

When choosing a freezer, don't blindly pursue famous brands. Choose a freezer with a good reputation, guaranteed quality, and complete after-sales service, which is not only cost-effective, but also worry-free. The quality of the freezer has a very significant impact on the store. A freezer of good quality is definitely your right-hand man, which can effectively increase the operating income of the store.

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