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How to clean and maintain the convenience store beverage display freezer?

How to clean and maintain the convenience store beverage display freezer?

With the deepening of summer, convenience store refrigerators have also become necessary refrigeration equipment for businesses to operate frozen foods. A new convenience store beverage display refrigerator will be put into use soon after entering the convenience store. However, for refrigerators, There are some details that need to be paid attention to in the first use.

The following are the five steps of cleaning and maintaining convenience store beverage display freezers:

1. Pay attention to the convenience store beverage vertical glass door freezer before cleaning and cut off the power supply;

2. The cabinet of the convenience store beverage display freezer is clean. Use a soft cotton cloth dampened with a small amount of non-corrosive detergent and warm water solution to scrub the inner and outer surfaces of the freezer. After cleaning, wipe off the water with a dry cloth. Do not use hot water, washing powder and other harmful substances to clean the freezer during the use of the freezer;

3. The dust and debris on the condenser and compressor should be cleaned with a soft brush from time to time to ensure the sanitary environment of the condenser so as to maintain a good cooling effect;

4. Convenience store beverage display refrigerators should frequently wipe the sealing strip with warm water to keep the sealing strip elastic and extend its life;

5. Do not place hot or heavy objects above the beverage display freezer in convenience stores to avoid deformation.

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