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How to clean commercial freezer evaporator?

How to clean commercial freezer evaporator?

How often do you clean the evaporator of your commercial freezer? How to clean commercial freezer evaporator?

I want to investigate first: Have you encountered some freezer failures such as cake cabinets, supermarket display cabinets, island cabinets, console freezers, kitchen freezers and other commercial freezers that are not cooling, the temperature does not come, and the noise is abnormal. In a hurry, let's first check whether our evaporator has accumulated a lot of dust. If it is, it may be caused by the evaporator that has not been cleaned and maintained for a long time. Follow the operation below to save your store. Maintenance expenses.

1. Check the coil on the refrigeration equipment

Over time, dust and debris will accumulate. Over time, this accumulation will make your refrigeration system work harder to maintain temperature and may cause other critical components to fail. If the temperature of the refrigerator is not high enough, or too much electricity is used, it may be time to clean the refrigerator coil.

2. Clean at least once a month

Whether you are a portable, blast freezer, walk-in refrigerator, cake display cabinet, commercial kitchen freezer, flat cooling console, showcase, commercial kitchen freezer or any other type of refrigeration equipment, you should clean it at least once a month Refrigerator coil. In the picture below, we will show you how to clean the refrigerator coil in four quick and easy steps. After performing this simple maintenance task correctly, you will operate at maximum efficiency and increase the service life of the equipment.


1. Before starting, please unplug the power supply of the device and turn off the power.

2. Remove the panel. A screwdriver is usually required.


3. Use a soft brush to clean the coil.


4. Use a vacuum cleaner gap attachment to remove smaller particles. Try to be careful not to bend the heat sink on the evaporator.


5. Reinstall the panel and start power-on test.


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