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How to clean the ice cream display cabinet?

How to clean the ice cream display cabinet?

Summer is very hot, and our beloved ice cream is naturally indispensable in hot weather. Ice cream can be said to be suitable for all ages. Basically everyone likes to eat it, and the market is naturally big. Therefore, refrigeration equipment such as freezer-refrigerators is also indispensable. So, has everyone cleaned our ice cream machine? Everyone knows that if the ice cream maker is not cleaned up, it will affect the taste of the ice cream. Su Tang Refrigeration Equipment Company tells you a few good ways to clean the ice cream machine:

First part

Stirring and cleaning of ice cream freezer stirring and freezing cylinder

About once every 3 days

Unscrew the four nuts fixed on the distribution valve body on the front of the machine, remove the distribution valve body, take out the stirring shaft in the freezing cylinder, soak in 1:50 84 disinfectant for 10-15 minutes, and use the disinfectant. Wipe the freezing cylinder with a rag, and wipe it again with a clean rag after cleaning. Reinstall the stirring shaft and the distribution valve body. For the structure of the ice cream freezer and the names of each part, please refer to the structure diagram on the ice cream freezer manual.

Second part 

Cleaning the storage tank of ice cream freezer

Need to be done every day

After the ice cream freezer is powered on, put the water containing the disinfectant and food washing liquid into the ice cream machine, wipe the storage tank with a rag, and press the button marked with the word cleaning on the front operation panel of the ice cream machine. The machine mixing system starts, about 1 minute or so, the disinfectant or washing liquid in the machine is taken out, and clean water is repeatedly poured in to wash it until the water taken out has no peculiar smell, then stop (press the stop button). Wipe the sides of the ice cream machine storage tank with a dry cloth.

Note: Some ice cream freezers have a pre-cooling function. The function of this function is to keep the temperature in the storage tank at about 5-10 degrees to keep it fresh. In actual use, some businesses will claim that their ice cream freezer does not need to be cleaned, which is actually misleading. We know that the ingredients of ice cream are mainly dairy products, and dairy products are very susceptible to bacterial damage and spoilage quickly, especially in the hot summer. If the machine is not cleaned at night, the ice cream on the next day will definitely exceed the standard of bacteria. Once a problem is given to consumers, the gain is not worth the loss. I would like to remind the majority of businesses to pay attention to the hygiene problems in the daily operation process, and to ensure hygiene and safety. Another problem of not cleaning the ice cream freezer at night is to return to the liquid slurry layering, and the ice cream produced during production the next day The taste is extremely poor. Because the water in the ice cream material naturally separates out, some ingredients in some raw materials will react with metal ions and cause the material liquid to turn black.

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