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How to clean the kitchen freezer

How to clean the kitchen freezer

Home kitchen freezer, use a long time, do not often clean up, especially after the New Year's Day, the freezer has basically been cluttered, whether on the freezer, or the surface of the food, too much food, there will be a smell, it is time to properly clean up the debris in the freezer, but also have to make the kitchen freezer clean some, but also convenient for our use.

The first step: clean the shelves of the freezer

Before cleaning the freezer, you need to cut off the power, the freezer in the food all out. Use a clean soft cloth with detergent, carefully clean the dirt on the shelves of the freezer, clean and then wipe off the water stains with a dry cloth to keep the freezer clean and clean.

The second step: clean the cold cabinet cabinet dead corner

The four corners of the cabinet in the freezer, freezer water tray, kitchen freezer door seal, freezer drainage pipe and other parts, are easy to ignore, kitchen freezer often odor is from here, the drainage pipe if you can not clean up in time, it will lead to a large amount of sewage stay, resulting in odor is getting bigger and bigger.

These places we had better use special cleaning agents to repeatedly clean up, clean up after the disinfection solution to disinfect in time to reduce the breeding of bacteria.

The third step: cold cabinet refrigeration cooling system cleaning

The top priority of the cold cabinet, is the cold cabinet refrigeration system compressor, due to a long time running will be very easy to produce dust accumulation, affecting the refrigeration effect of the cold cabinet, so that the service life of parts shortened, this clean up is relatively easy, with a clean brush, goods dry cloth will be dust and dirt clean up on the good.

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