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How to clean the kitchen fridge?

How to clean the kitchen fridge?

Put into the kitchen freezer, put the coal ash in an open container. That is, the deodorizing effect can be achieved, the general 150 liters of kitchen refrigerator, put a coal cake of coal ash can be changed every 3 to 5 days 1 time. Honeycomb coal intact into the cabinet, can also remove odors.

After eating oranges, orange peel to remove the smell: take 500 grams of fresh oranges. Orange peel washed and wipe dry, scattered into the cabinet, 3 days later, open the kitchen refrigerator, fragrant, odorless.

Placed in the cabinet of the layers, lemon team smell: lemon cut into small slices. Can remove the odor.

Put in the cabinet, tea deodorization: 50 grams of tea in a gauze bag. Can remove the odor. 1 month later, the tea will be taken in the sunlight exposure, can be used repeatedly many times, the effect is very good.

Sieve the powder particles into a gauze bag. wheat rice stone to remove the smell: take 500 grams of wheat rice stone. Place in the cabinet, 10 minutes after the odor can be removed.

Put it in the cabinet, vinegar deodorization: Pour some vinegar into the open glass bottle. Deodorization effect is also very good.

Place in the upper and lower layers of the kitchen refrigerator, baking soda to remove odor: take 500 grams of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) divided into two wide-mouth glass bottles (open the cap). Odor can be removed.

Put in the bottom of the kitchen freezer (to prevent outflow), yellow wine to remove the smell: 1 bowl of yellow wine. Generally 3 days to get rid of the odor.

The effect of odor removal is also good. But the cabinet cooked food must be placed in a covered container. Sandalwood soap deodorization: kitchen refrigerator put 1 piece of sandalwood soap to remove the wrapper.

Packed in a small cloth bag, charcoal deodorization: the right amount of charcoal crushed. Place the kitchen refrigerator, the odor is very good.

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