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How to correctly adjust the temperature of commercial refrigerators

How to correctly adjust the temperature of commercial refrigerators

Commercial refrigerator refers to commercial channels such as supermarkets, cold drink stores, frozen goods stores, hotels and restaurants, which exclusively sell cold or frozen freezers for storing ice cream, beverages, dairy products, quick-frozen foods, food materials, etc. Some bosses will have some problems in use I don't understand, such as the temperature adjustment of the freezer, let's take a look at it together.

BESTTOP Refrigeration pointed out that the principle of commercial refrigerators is that the compressor produces a series of physical changes through the compression of the refrigerant to achieve the cooling effect, but it is also very susceptible to the influence of the external environment, especially in the seasons with large temperature changes, such as summer And winter. At this time, we need to adjust its temperature to make it work normally.

1.Temperature adjustment in winter

Our refrigeration effect is generally required to be controlled between 0-10 degrees, but generally in winter, because the temperature is low, so that the refrigeration can easily reach the set temperature. Therefore, our temperature is generally adjusted to above 4 levels. Generally, when the ambient temperature is lower than 16 degrees, we can adjust the cabinet temperature to 5 levels. If the ambient temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it must be adjusted upwards, which can be adjusted to gears 6-7, which can also save electricity and facilitate cooling.

2. Temperature adjustment in summer

When it comes to the summer season when the ambient temperature is high, it will be very difficult for the internal temperature of our commercial freezer to drop at this time, and the start-up time will become longer, and the compressor will be overloaded. At this time, we need to adjust its temperature again and adjust the temperature to 2-3 gears. Our compressor does not need to work so hard, and it will not be damaged so easily, so it can save energy and extend its life.

3. Refrigeration effect

Of course, it is one thing for us to adjust the temperature according to the season, but the temperature still has a certain deviation, which requires us to check whether the cooling effect is sufficient. It is not appropriate to consider it from the perspective of commercial refrigerators, because there are still foods that need to be refrigerated in the cabinets. Therefore, after we adjust the temperature, we need to check whether the food in the cabinet is refrigerated during operation for a period of time.

Everyone adjusts the temperature to the best state in different seasons in the correct way, which not only saves energy and electricity, but also better protects commercial refrigerators. It can also extend its service life.

BESTTOP is a professional manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. Its products include reach in refrigerator and under counter refrigerator. The products have been strictly inspected and tested, and the quality has reached international standards. It mainly supplies customers who need refrigeration equipment such as restaurants, bars, and supermarkets. If you want to know more about the freezer, browse the website or contact us in detail.

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