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How to deal with the compressor overheating of the cooler?

How to deal with the compressor overheating of the cooler?

Summer ambient temperature is high, the temperature difference between inside and outside the cooler, if a large number of hot air into the cooler, will cause frequent start and long operation of the compressor and overheating, and even burn the compressor.

Prevent compressor overheating methods are: cooler food do not put too much, to avoid the load is too large, bad air circulation caused by non-stop. Try to reduce the number of times to open the door, shorten the time to open the door, reduce the cold air dissipation and hot air into the cooler.

The cooler, freezer placed in the ventilation and shade, and increase the distance between the cooler, freezer and the wall, but also in the bottom along the front and back direction into the two square wood strip, improve the efficiency of heat dissipation. Often sweep the condenser, compressor and box on the dust, in order to facilitate heat dissipation. In the premise of ensuring the quality of food in the freezer, try to adjust the thermostat in the weak gear. Defrost the freezer in a timely manner and clean the freezer regularly. Hot food temperature down to room temperature before putting into the box.

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