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How to deal with the fog above the glass door of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet?

How to deal with the fog above the glass door of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet?

1. indoor humidity, refrigerated display cabinet is easy to start water fog, together with water fog customers can not see the refrigerated display cabinet inside the display of food.

2. to keep wiping water mist, and too laborious, in the end, what is the way to eliminate this cause.

We have electric heating wire inside the transparent glass layer of the display surface, the electric heating wire is powered by the electrical controller inside the unit part. The cabinet can eliminate the temperature difference between inside and outside the display freezer and the phenomenon of transparent glass with frost, which is conducive to people to observe the cakes and foods displayed in the freezer.

In addition, for some customers choose not to add the heating wire, fresh cabinet glass door appears a lot of water beads on how to do? Is not the freezer out of the question? Why will be so much foggy water?

A rain or rainy weather, is quite annoying, because the indoor air humidity is high, vertical refrigerated display cabinets inside and outside the temperature difference, the moisture in the air will condense on the glass door, rainy days, air humidity is relatively high, so the condensation is more.

This situation generally belongs to the normal phenomenon. Then in the end there are what methods.

Method one: the vertical refrigerated display cabinet in a ventilated place can effectively reduce the glass door out of the water mist phenomenon.

Method two: summer time to commercial refrigeration cabinet temperature up some, reduce the temperature difference between the internal and external commercial refrigeration cabinet, which can effectively alleviate the glass door out of the water fog phenomenon.

Method three: the use of towels to wipe dry after the glass door of water fog, and then a very important operation, with soapy water to wash the commercial refrigerator glass door, and then without water, directly with a cloth wipe dry. After this operation, soap and water washed glass doors will reduce the probability of water fog.

Method 4: Some customers also in the vertical refrigerated display cabinet to sprinkle some salt on the glass, you can at the same time the glass plating a film. Or use the fan directly against the glass door blowing, can effectively reduce the generation of water fog.

The above method is not 100% effective in removing, but at least can effectively go to reduce the fog. Vertical refrigerated display cabinet fog is a normal phenomenon, not a fault, this is a do-it-yourself solution to the problem.

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