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How to deal with the overheating of the compressor in the freezer?

How to deal with the overheating of the compressor in the freezer?

In summer, the ambient temperature is high, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the freezer is large. If a large amount of hot air enters the freezer, it will cause the compressor to start frequently and run for a long time and overheat, or even burn the compressor.


The methods to prevent the compressor from overheating are as follows: Do not put too much food in the freezer to avoid non-stop due to excessive load and poor air circulation. Minimize the number of door openings, shorten the door opening time, and reduce the loss of cold air and hot air entering the freezer.

Place the refrigerator and freezer in a ventilated and shaded place, and increase the distance between the freezer and freezer and the wall. You can also put two square wood strips at the bottom in the front and back directions to improve the heat dissipation efficiency. Frequently clean the dust on the condenser, compressor and cabinet to facilitate heat dissipation. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the food in the freezer, try to adjust the thermostat to the weaker position. Defrost the freezer in time and clean the freezer regularly. Put the hot food into the box after the temperature drops to room temperature.

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