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How to design and plan the installation requirements of vaccine refrigerated cabinets

How to design and plan the installation requirements of vaccine refrigerated cabinets

Vaccines refer to biological products made from various pathogenic microorganisms for vaccination. Vaccines made from bacteria or spirochetes are also called vaccines. Vaccines are divided into live vaccines and dead vaccines.

Different vaccines have different production times, and some vaccines may take 22 months to produce a batch. It is estimated that immunization can prevent 2 to 3 million deaths from diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and measles each year. In the past few years, global vaccination coverage (the proportion of children in the world receiving the recommended vaccine) has remained stable. Therefore, vaccines are very important medicines in refrigerated medicines and need to be stored in refrigerated cabinets.

Vaccine refrigerator installation requirements:

1. Temperature requirements. The temperature cannot be too high or too low. Different vaccines adapt to different temperatures and need to be set according to specificity, generally 2-8, long-term storage can be -20.

2. In the process of vaccine procurement, transportation, and storage, it is required to strictly pass national requirements and be safe and reliable.

3. The vaccine refrigerator needs to be equipped with refrigerator equipment for backup. The refrigerator should prevent malfunctions and accidents, and ensure that the refrigerator is always operating normally. Refrigerators should be equipped with automatic monitoring, adjustment, display and recording of temperature conditions and alarm equipment. Special personnel should be assigned to monitor changes in vaccines and temperature changes in the refrigerator. In addition, they need to cooperate with the Food and Drug Administration to install safety accessories, such as alarms.

The construction plan of the small refrigerator mainly includes:

1. Refrigerator units and small refrigerators generally use well-known brand units, which can effectively reduce refrigerator operation failures and reduce maintenance rates. High-quality refrigeration unit products can ensure the needs of these catering companies.

2. Standard construction technology, refrigerator installation team, and standardized construction technology ensure that the refrigerator is completed with high standards and high efficiency. The construction ability is strong, and it can be constructed in multiple places at the same time. After-sales warranty is provided nationwide, so that the service is in place.

3. The structure adjustment of the refrigerator.

A complete refrigerator design plan should fully consider the actual situation of the customer, and carry out construction according to the customer's construction requirements and time. Because catering refrigerators are generally built in large supermarkets, large supermarkets can only be built at night or cross-built, which will interfere with construction schedule. Therefore, the construction schedule should be fully considered and reasonably arranged.

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