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How to determine whether the freezer has refrigerant?

How to determine whether the freezer has refrigerant?

The most obvious way to determine whether the freezer is lack of refrigerant: the freezer is open for a long time is not cold enough. Freezer long time compressor does not stop, put your ear to the freezer will hear the sound of compressor work. Freezer compressor work, hand touch freezer side of the cooling surface is not hot, should be two sides of the whole surface are hot. Refrigerant is freon, usually called fluorine, whether the air conditioner needs to add fluoride, users can first judge for themselves.

High pressure side leakage high pressure side of the pipe is divided into part of the internal and all the internal two. Part of the built-in means that the condenser is exposed in the back of the box, while the anti-dew tube is located around the door inside the box. When the initial investigation is the high pressure side of the leak, should be welded open anti-dew tube and then test pressure leak detection, such as no leakage, it is proved that the leak in the anti-dew tube. Repair can be taken off the method of anti-dew tube, the condenser and the compressor connector directly connected. For the built-in condenser freezer, confirm the leakage inside the general use of external condenser repair method, do not advocate the destruction of the freezer appearance to find the leak.

1, first of all, the freezer from the beginning of the freezer is not cooling, if the refrigerant further lack, the freezer evaporator can not all frost. Refrigerant and then further lack, the freezer is not cooling.

2, the compressor is not often normal work suddenly stop

3, the freezer part of the ice, other parts of the hand is not sticky, this condition is usually the lack of Freon formed (long-term non-stop), is caused by the system pipeline leakage.

4, the freezer all ice, which has two conditions, one is the system does not stop, mainly because the thermostat failure. Second, the freezer door is not closed, forming a lot of outside air into a lot of frost.

According to the electric freezer leakage situation, should first find the leak site, to determine the repair method.

Low-pressure side leakage low-pressure side of the pipe is also divided into part of the internal storage and full internal storage of two kinds. Part of the internal storage refers to the upper part of the freezer hanging a small evaporator and freezer evaporator connected, the whole internal storage of these two parts are in the box wall. Some evaporator with aluminum expansion molding, or aluminum tube production, both use copper lead joints, in order to weld with the copper tube. Also exist some evaporator with iron Bundi tube, copper tube, stainless steel, etc. production, there are whole parts also have discrete parts. Leak points often occur in the copper and aluminum joints, connecting tubes, air return tubes, refrigeration and freezer evaporators.

Find the leak point, need to expose the copper and aluminum joints, connecting tubes, back to the air pipe, usually in the back of the box equivalent to freezing, freezing room between the parts open hole. Some freezers can see the connection tube between the freezer and the swallower, should be right on this part of the hole. After opening the hole, first find these joints and pipes, and then extend and expand according to the situation and need. After finding the joint, use F12 to pressurize the low pressure pipe, use soapy water or halogen lamp to check the guess, in most cases can find the leak. Evaporator micro-leakage, difficult to find the leak point, you can close the box door, stop a few hours and then use the halogen lamp leak detection, visible flame color obvious changes.

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