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How to do the freezer to ensure clean and hygienic

How to do the freezer to ensure clean and hygienic

In our daily life, the refrigerator is mostly used for refrigerating and keeping fresh food, so its cleanliness and hygiene are very important to us. What can we do to ensure this?

1. After buying back the fruits and vegetables, they will be screened and processed. First, select which vegetables are not suitable to be placed in the freezer. Radishes, potatoes, potatoes, and other root vegetables and green leafy vegetables such as rape and celery must be selected first. This is because, firstly, this kind of vegetables are usually soiled, and putting them directly in the freezer will pollute their environment. Secondly, in terms of the nutrition and preservation of the vegetables themselves, they should not be placed in the freezer, such as small rapeseed. Not only the leaves will rot faster in the freezer, but also nitrite may be generated due to the action of enzymes and bacteria.

2. Wash raw meat before storing. After the fresh meat is bought back, it is best to rinse it with clean water first to wash away the dust and other dirt on it, and then put it in a fresh-keeping box or fresh-keeping bag and put it in the freezer after a while.

3. Freezers should be managed by partitions. If you want to keep the refrigerator clean for a long time and be clear at a glance, the food must be partitioned. In the refrigerator, fruits and vegetables are placed underneath, cooked meat and dairy products are placed on the top, and leftovers and leftovers can be placed on the middle layer. The leftovers and leftovers are the biggest killers of the freezer environment. Pay attention before putting them. Place the soup in a deep bowl to prevent the soup from leaking; green leafy vegetables cannot stay overnight; dairy products or sauces Once opened, the mouth of the bottle must be tightened when storing.

4. Use fresh-keeping boxes and fresh-keeping bags. When storing different kinds of food, it is best to put them in fresh-keeping bags and place them separately. In this way, it is clear when taking food and can avoid cross-infection. The storage time of food in the freezer is also limited. Cooked food is longer and raw food is shorter. However, too long a period of time may also deteriorate and cause certain pollution to the freezer.

Clean the refrigerator once a week:

1. First of all, cut off the power, use a soft cloth dipped in clean water or detergent to gently scrub, and then dipped in clean water to wipe off the detergent.

2. Secondly, when the freezer parts are found to be fouled, they should be removed and cleaned with water or detergent. The surface of the pin should be wiped with a dry cloth. After cleaning, plug in the power plug and check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct position.

3. In addition, in order to prevent damage to the outer coating of the freezer and the plastic parts in the freezer, please do not use washing powder, decontamination powder, alkaline detergent, brushes, etc. to clean the freezer, and do not scrub the freezer with hot water or scrape with a sharp object. Remove dirt.

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