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How to drain the refrigerated cabinet?

How to drain the refrigerated cabinet?

Many people in the use of refrigerated cabinets before the refrigerated cabinets will consider how to drain the problem, the drainage problem needs to be planned in advance to the store decoration construction in advance, does not affect the entire supermarket convenience store internal planning and layout, so as to achieve the best results of the refrigerated cabinet display.

1. Drainage pipe

This way is the most common, most refrigerated cabinets are currently using this way of drainage, applicable to the drainage is not large size of the place, the drainage pipe is more cost-effective way. Pre-decoration only need to set aside the drainage tank, in the installation of refrigerated cabinets when the drainage pipe directly connected to the sink can be, the work of pre-installation is very simple, the later maintenance is also relatively easy.

2. Water tray

Receiving tray application is relatively early, the general receiving tray is placed in the refrigerated cabinet and the ground contact gap, short of the height of the refrigerated cabinet wheel, the generated wastewater directly through the refrigeration system reserved for the downspout to stay to the receiving tray, the need for regular manual cleaning of the receiving tray, otherwise the overflow of wastewater on the store tidy will have a certain impact. The frequency of regular cleaning depends mainly on the drainage volume of the refrigerated cabinet, the normal need to accumulate a water catch tray time is about 6 to 12 hours, the shopkeeper needs to develop a sense of regular cleaning.

3. Self-evaporation

Auto-evaporation can be used to cool down the compressor with the drainage collected from the refrigerated cabinet, and the waste water will evaporate away with the high temperature. Self-evaporation of the drainage is more suitable for small drainage of smaller refrigerated cabinet use, this way to eliminate the drainage line and the trouble of manual cleaning of the water catch tray, placed in any position can be.

Any way of drainage is closely related to the design of the refrigerated cabinet itself, each drainage method has its advantages and disadvantages, choose the most important for themselves and the needs of the place.

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