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How to ensure the cooling effect of the refrigerator?

How to ensure the cooling effect of the refrigerator?

Convenience store cooler is generally used for commercial purposes, therefore, the refrigeration effect is more concerned about the issue. So if you encounter the problem of convenience store cooler not cooling, how should we respond to it?

Convenience store cooler is not the reason for cooling

Generally speaking, the convenience store cooler does not have three reasons for refrigeration.

First, the compressor condenser accumulation of dust.

Convenience store cooler use for a period of time, the condenser fan behind the compressor will accumulate dust, when the dust reaches a certain level, it affects the convenience store cooler heat dissipation, the convenience store cooler temperature will rise.

Second, the freezer refrigeration system high-pressure section of internal leakage.

Due to condensation and anti-dew pipeline with sand eyes, cracks, fractures and other reasons formed; condenser with Bundy tube and galvanized steel pipe for a long time without, with the foam together with rust, until leakage or leakage.

The strength of the pipe wall at the leakage is weak, and it shows leakage under high temperature and pressure. When repairing the high pressure pipeline, it shows that the refrigerant will be refilled and the refrigerant will run out again in 1-2 days, but if it is stopped, the leakage will be very slow.

Third, frost and ice.

Refrigeration room part of the frost and ice, other parts of the non-sticky hands, this condition is the general lack of Freon formation, is caused by the system pipeline leakage.

Refrigerator all ice, which has two kinds of conditions, one is the system does not stop, mainly temperature controller failure. Second, the freezer door is not closed, the formation of a large amount of outside air into a lot of frost.

Convenience store freezer not cooling method of investigation

For the convenience store freezer not cooling method of investigation, we summarized the following three aspects: 1.

1. cut the housing, replace the buffer tube, or the screw fastening.

2. First find out the system leakage parts, welding, test pressure, evacuation qualified, add refrigerant to a certain amount, usually according to the evaporator full of frost or convenience store cooler to reach the rated temperature shall prevail.

3. capillary tube or drier blockage, the outlet are hot, for this reason, to remove the clearance!

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