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How to Extend the Shelf Life of Food by Using a Freezer?

How to Extend the Shelf Life of Food by Using a Freezer?

1. The application of commercial grade fridge is becoming more common

With the rapid development of society, the application of commercial grade fridge has become more and more common. How to make better use of the commercial grade fridge to extend the shelf life of the food is very important. Next, besttop will introduce some new ways to extend the shelf life of food.

2. The use of the commercial grade fridge to extend the shelf life of food

Each type of food has different characteristics, but we usually put all kinds of fresh food in the commercial grade fridge. However, the shelf life of some foods is relatively short, so we have to adopt some methods to extend its shelf life.

(1) Storage of raw meat

Raw meat is nutritious, and microorganisms grow and multiply quickly. If it is not eaten for a long time, it needs to be stored at low temperature. The storage temperature is generally -10℃~-18℃. Therefore, the storage period of raw meat should generally not exceed half a year. Keep in the freezer to prevent secondary pollution, and store raw and cooked food separately.

(2) The use of crisper

The crisper can keep the food separate as much as possible to prevent cross-contamination. Consumers should pay attention to confirming the raw material when buying crisper. The crisper made of non-food plastic can not be used, otherwise, it will cause harm to the human body. Those crispers made of low-quality non-food plastics are potentially carcinogenic and teratogenic to the human body.

(3) Appropriate heat treatment or low temperature treatment

Most of the vegetative cells and viruses of bacteria, yeasts, and molds can be lethal within 10 minutes between 50℃ and 60℃. Some are more sensitive, while others are the opposite. Therefore, high-temperature treatment can be used to heat the microorganisms to prolong the shelf life of the food.

When the temperature is below 0℃, the water in the microorganisms freezes, the biochemical reaction cannot proceed and the growth stops, and some even would die. Therefore, the cryopreservation of food is also a common method. The greater the water activity, the more free water content in the food, and the more susceptible to microbial infection. The lower the water activity in the food, the more stable the food, and there will be fewer spoilage problems. Therefore, reducing water activity is a means to extend the shelf life of food.

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