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How to improve the preservation effect of display refrigerator?

How to improve the preservation effect of display refrigerator?

How to improve the preservation effect of display cabinets, we know that display cabinets are used for a long time, and some such small problems often occur, and the preservation effect is not as good as before. There will be gaps between the magnetic sealing strips on the cabinet doors and the cabinet body. Cause cold air leakage, reduce cooling effect and increase power consumption. How can we solve this problem?

We can put the opened flashlight into the display cabinet, close the cabinet door and carefully observe the sealing ring around the cabinet door to see if there is any light transmission. If so, it is best to wipe the magnetic sealing ring with detergent, tear off the magnetic sealing ring at the light transmission part, and put clean cotton into the light transmission part of the sealing ring. The amount of cotton depends on the light transmission condition and is opaque. . Finally, check with a flashlight. If there is a light-transmitting part, use the same method to process it again until there is no light-transmitting.

After treatment, the cooling effect of the display cabinet will be greatly improved, and the energy consumption will be significantly reduced. And also to defrost regularly (except for automatic defrosting refrigerated display cabinets), it is best to wipe with chlorine dioxide disinfectant. The disinfectant does not produce toxic halogenated compounds, not only can achieve the purpose of disinfection, but also can remove peculiar smell in the refrigerator.

The display cabinet should be placed in a well-ventilated place to facilitate heat dissipation and increase the cooling capacity. It is usually required that the distance between the fresh-keeping cabinet and the surrounding wall is not less than 10 cm. The food in the refrigerated cabinet should have certain packaging, including fresh film covering, its function is to prevent the food from freeze-drying, odor, mutual contamination, and also reduce the frequency of defrosting.

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