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How to install refrigerated cabinets?

How to install refrigerated cabinets?

Refrigerator in the purchase back for installation, need to pay attention to from many aspects, to prevent the installation of the time, there is a non-normal situation, so that the refrigerator can not work properly.

In the installation of refrigerated cabinets, what precautions need to have

1, refrigerated cabinets need to use a separate three-hole socket, to prevent the power supply voltage can not meet the normal requirements and can not work activities.

2, refrigerated cabinets in the choice of placement, the need for a suitable environment, the terrain should be smooth, there should be no debris around, especially when flammable items and explosive items and other items that threaten the refrigerated cabinets. Refrigerator cabinet around the need for ventilation, conducive to refrigeration.

3, after the placement of refrigerated cabinets, you need to place the refrigerated cabinets for a period of time, in the power supply, and then check whether the refrigerated cabinets are normal power and work, in the absence of circuit problems, and then listen to the refrigerated cabinets have not issued noise, no noise, and then feel whether the refrigeration effect.

After the preparation and check is complete then you can start using the refrigerator, after the use of the refrigerator, you need to pay attention to the use at any time, and regularly for the refrigerator to do maintenance work, in order to let the refrigerator in the future use of safe work.

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