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How to judge the aging of the seal of the display refrigerators?

How to judge the aging of the seal of the display refrigerators?

Convenience store display refrigerators may be too loosely closed after being used for a long time, and sometimes they cannot be closed with a little strength. This situation is mainly caused by the aging of the seals inside the cabinet doors. Regarding whether the seals are aging, How should we judge it?


1. There are specific seals inside the display cabinet doors. We need to observe whether there are undulations in the flatness. Generally, the cabinet door seals are not flat enough, indicating that there is air inside, and the seals need to be replaced in time.

2. Generally, to test the quality of the cabinet door seal, you only need to open the cabinet door and close it slowly. As long as the cabinet door is 5 mm away from the cabinet body, it can automatically close, indicating that the cabinet door seal is in normal use, otherwise it needs to be replaced. .

3. Follow the circle of self-tapping screws on the door seal of the beverage display cabinet with your hands to check whether the screws are loose or the magnetic strips are broken.

4. When we close the cabinet door, we can sandwich a piece of tough kraft paper in the middle, and observe the clamping degree of the several strips when it is closed. If it does not slide off by itself, the door is in good condition.

5. You can turn it on with a flashlight and put it in the freezer, then close the cabinet door to observe whether there is any light leakage from the outside. If there is, the display cabinet is not well sealed.

In the past, the above-mentioned methods can effectively judge the quality of the seals of the convenience store display refrigerators. The existence of the seals can ensure the normal closing of the cabinet doors, so that the indoor space is in a sealed state, which effectively guarantees the freshness of the food, so once the seals Aging, must be replaced in time.

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