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How to keep the cooler clean?

How to keep the cooler clean?

In addition to working diligently every day, the freezer is forced to endure all kinds of contamination - meals and soups, dust from fruits and vegetables, bacteria that grow and unpleasant odors. How to keep food in the freezer in a safe situation? Here are the answers.

Screen and handle fruits and vegetables after buying them back.

First screen out which vegetables are not suitable for the freezer, radish, potatoes, potatoes, and other root vegetables and greens, celery and other leafy greens will have to be picked out first. This is because, first, these vegetables are generally with soil, directly into the freezer will pollute its environment, second, on the vegetables themselves and the preservation of nutrition, but also should not be placed in the freezer, such as small rape in the freezer not only leaves will be faster decay, but also may be due to the role of enzymes and bacteria, the generation of nitrite.

Raw meat first wash and then stored.

Fresh meat to buy back, it is best to use water to rinse slightly, rinse off the top of the floating dust and other dirty things, dry for a while and then into the fresh box or fresh bag, into the freezer.

The freezer should be partitioned and managed.

To keep the freezer clean and clear for a long time, food must be placed in zones.

Use crisper boxes and bags.

When storing different types of food, it is best to put them in plastic bags and keep them separate. This way it is easy to see when taking food and avoid cross-contamination. The length of time food is kept in the cooler is also limited, cooked food is longer, raw food is slightly shorter, but too long may also deteriorate, will cause some contamination of the cooler.

Note: drop a drop of vegetable juice also have to immediately wipe

The freezer is a place to store food, but such a closely related to the life of the item, but in the family ranked second among the dirtiest places. A health report executed by the Global Health Directors Association published survey data showing that 46% of the cooler, if the food directly into it, will be contaminated. Therefore, when using the freezer, always keep it clean is the basic principle.

Even if a drop of rice soup fell from the top, it should be wiped off immediately. Do not underestimate this drop of vegetable juice, in the frozen environment, it will quickly harden, not only become more difficult to clean, but also breeding bacteria. In addition to cleaning at any time, to the freezer to do a major cleaning is also necessary.

First of all, should first cut off the power, with a soft cloth dipped in water or detergent gently scrub, and then dipped in water will detergent wipe away.

Secondly, found that the cooler parts accumulation of dirt, should be removed with water or detergent cleaning. Plug surface should be dry cloth wipe. After cleaning, plug in the power supply, check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct position.

In addition, to prevent damage to the outer coating of the cooler and the plastic parts inside the cooler, please do not use washing powder, detergent, alkaline detergent, brush, etc. to clean the cooler, and do not use hot water to scrub the cooler or use sharp tools to scrape the dirt.

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