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How to maintain fresh flowers in an air-cooled preservation fridge?

How to maintain fresh flowers in an air-cooled preservation fridge?

With the development of society, the flower industry has gradually gained commercial value. Although flowers look glamorous, they tend to wither after a period of time, slowly droop and lose their luster. Is there any way to keep the flowers fresh? As a result, products such as the fresh-keeping cabinet for fresh flowers have appeared, which use air-cooled cooling, and the temperature reaches the temperature required for the formation of any flower, which can inhibit the wilting speed of the flowers for preservation, thereby prolonging the life of the flowers. Below we will introduce how to maintain these flowers in the fresh-keeping cabinet.

Gladiolus maintenance:

1. Gladiolus must be stored upright and not lying flat, but be careful not to contain chlorine (bleach) in the water, which may cause the leaves to dry.

2. Re-cut the flower stem and immediately insert it into the water to absorb water, which can reduce the bending of the tip.

3. Remove the small flower buds at the upper end of the inflorescence, and promote the opening of other flower buds, the opening effect is better and lasting.

4.When using refrigerated flowers, insert them into water containing preservatives.

Rose maintenance:

1. The stem base can be cut obliquely to prevent the bending phenomenon of the flower head. Wrap the flower leaves with newspaper, and immerse the whole hand in water to absorb water.

2. Cut off the base in warm water, and the phenomenon of head folding has occurred, and it can be restored by inserting it into the PH3.54.5 preservation solution.

3. The thorns and leaves inserted in the water are removed, and the loose petals of the outer layer can be removed when finishing. To prevent bacterial infection of the wound, bleach or preservative should be used, and the bottle life will be longer.

4. In order to avoid premature withering, be sensitive to ethylene should stay away from overripe fruits (such as bananas, apples) incense and so on.

Lily maintenance:

1. Make the air-permeable refrigerator, spread the flower branches, cut off the water at the base 35 cm, and remove the leaves below the horizontal surface.

2. In order to avoid accidentally staining the clothes, it is not easy to clean, and the mosaic medicine will be removed when the flowers are blooming.

3. Adding bleach or preservative can prolong the flowering period.

4. If it blooms early, it can be inserted into warm water, avoid overripe fruits and vegetables, incense, smoke, etc., which are sensitive to vinyl.

Gerbera maintenance:

1. Insert the refrigerator into the water, and cut the base diagonally with a blade. The effect of adding preservative is better.

2. To correct the flower shape, usually wire the flower stem with iron wire. But it is easy to cause the flower stem to be injured. It is better not to wrap it if it is not necessary.

3. To avoid mold growth, do not spray water directly on the surface of the flower or directly touch the bottom of the bottle.

4. Throw-in flower arrangement to facilitate water absorption and avoid bacterial infection.

Carnation maintenance:

1. Bevel the base and insert it into the water, remove the leaves to be inserted into the depth of the water, and maintain good ventilation between the flowering branches.

2. In order to avoid festering, the flowers should not be sprayed with water..

3. Keep away from overripe fruits and vegetables, incense, smoke, etc., and are sensitive to "ethylene". It is better to add anti-ethylene preservative in the water.

4. If you want to put it out earlier, you can cut the flower stems again and insert them into the 20~24℃ warm water preservation solution.

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