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How to maintain the Commercial fresh refrigerated display freezer?

How to maintain the Commercial fresh refrigerated display freezer?

Beverage display cabinets are the main carrier of branded beverage merchandise in business, and also constitute the main framework of commercial space visuals. Mall beverage display cabinets will directly affect the sales of goods and corporate brand image. In recent years, beverage display cabinets in the design, production has a greater development and progress, which is mainly the result of market competition more mature, enterprises pay more attention to shaping the brand image.

1. must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. In this way, you can ensure the high quality of ice cream and follow the hygiene standards.  -The machine is cleaned and rinsed with water, and the drinking water is disinfected regularly. The fat in ice cream is a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. To avoid contamination, all parts that come into contact with the ice cream ingredients must be thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Stainless steel, plastic, and rubber components, which are designed to facilitate cleaning, cannot absolutely prevent the formation of mold and bacteria.

2. Beverage cabinet is the main thing is more maintenance, in order to save electricity, save heart, service life to longer, in fact, maintenance is not complicated, as long as every month to clean the radiator (best fixed a few, I must be the inventory of the time to ask the store manager to clean); One year to clean once, wash the power unplugged, next to the ballast transformer, etc. with a plastic bag, after washing and so on about fifteen minutes after the water dry and then turn on the machine; If will not be able to ask the manufacturer.

3 internal cleaning. Long-term use of the air return port is easy to fall into the impurities, resulting in poor drainage, it is best to clean up once a month; cleaning method: the bottom layer of the laminate to take away, use a dry rag to clean up. Radiator at most can not be more than a month to clean up once, inhalation dust too much easily lead to poor ventilation, heat dissipation and affect the effect of refrigeration, cleaning method: with a long soft brush along the cooling fins up and down brush, pay attention not to brush left and right, easy to scratch the fins; cold cabinet for a long time when not in use every two weeks power run a day, so as to extend the service life of the compressor. Cold cabinet placement: should be placed in the air smooth, cool and dry environment, remember near the heat source, avoid direct sunlight, its cabinet from the wall shall not be less than 20cm. regular cleaning of the wind curtain cabinet (at least 1 time every 2 months). Clean first cut off the power supply, use neutral detergent and water to scrub gently, then dip in water to wipe away the detergent. Do not use laundry detergent, decontamination powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, Tiana water, boiling water, oils, brushes, etc. cleaning refrigerated display cabinets.

Refrigerator use precautions.

Note 1: temperature changes, timely adjustment of the thermostat gear or temperature settings.

Note 2: Do not place electrical appliances, voltage regulators or glassware and other items on the refrigerated cabinet.

Note 3: low temperature compensation switch to be adjusted with the ambient temperature: ring temperature below 16 ℃ when open, otherwise close.

Note 4: The temperature around the refrigerated cabinet should be appropriate, not too high, and not less than 5 ℃.

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