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How to maintain the performance of the freezer?

How to maintain the performance of the freezer?

Normal use of the freezer, coupled with frequent maintenance, can make the freezer reach the ideal state, but many users have overlooked some points of use, so that the performance of the freezer is not good. If you want to maintain the performance of the freezer, you must pay attention to these details during use. deal with.

1. The surrounding environment of the freezer should be cleaned regularly. Do not pile up debris and flammable materials near the unit. If the unit is placed indoors, ensure that the unit is ventilated.

2. When cleaning the freezer condenser, turn off the host first, and use a brush to remove the dust in the direction of the heat exchanger. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or high-pressure air to blow off the dirt between the jackets. When washing with water, avoid splashing on the motor or other electrical parts. superior.

3. Cleaning the inside and outside of the freezer.

4. Use flexible cleaning agents and warm water to clean. Ensure the surface finish of the freezer during the cleaning process. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents and acidic cleaning agents.

5. When cleaning the water pan and evaporator, use low-pressure water to rinse, and the remaining water leaks from the drain pipe. During the cleaning process, prevent large debris from blocking the drain.

6. Take the shelf out of the cabinet and manually scrub it with a soft cloth. Do not put it in the sink for washing, so as to avoid short circuit of the lamp pins.

7. Before cleaning the glass on the freezer, let the surface temperature of the glass return to room temperature, and then clean it with a flexible cleaning agent. Do not clean the surface of the cold glass with hot water.

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