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How To Organize Your Commercial Refrigerator Or Freezer?

How To Organize Your Commercial Refrigerator Or Freezer?

How to use the freezer correctly and what should be paid attention to when using the freezer? For example, after the freezer has been used for a period of time, a layer of frost has formed in the freezer. What should I do? The frost layer in the freezer of the freezer body is too thick, which affects the use. Regarding the above-mentioned freezer problems, I will share with you today!

1. Precautions for the use of freezer

Do not place the refrigerator in a place where the temperature is too low. Due to the low temperature, the compressor is difficult to start, which makes the refrigeration effect of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator poor and cannot be overcome. The freezer can turn on the temperature compensation switch of the refrigerating room. Do not put heavy objects on the top of the freezer, so as not to break things due to the opening and closing of the door, causing family injuries, and the gas refrigerant in the condenser dissipates heat and becomes liquid. The problem of the freezer generally does not require a voltage regulator. If the power consumption fluctuates greatly, a voltage stabilizer can be used. The cabinet voltage stabilizer should not be less than 400 W. The freezer cabinet press will generate induction electricity when it is working. If there is no ground wire, the freezer cabinet will feel electrified.


Therefore, the freezer must have a grounding wire. The freezer should be added to the ground wire. When setting the grounding wire, you cannot use tap water and natural gas pipelines as the grounding wire, nor can it connect the telephone line and the lightning arrester. Also pay attention to the business near the gas station and other nearby businesses, remember to use the external unit of the freezer, because the external unit of the compressor is installed outdoors, it needs to use copper pipes to connect to the indoor freezer, and use copper pipes to connect to the indoor freezer. The process must be welded to produce sparks, which is dangerous.

2. Instructions for the safe and correct use of the freezer

Commercial refrigerators are very different from household refrigerators. The power of commercial freezers is generally much larger than that of household freezers, so some commercial freezers cannot be supported by household voltage. If used improperly, it is easy to cause safety hazards. There are many kinds of commercial freezers, all of which are mainly for auxiliary commercial use, and some problems will arise in long-term use. For example, after a freezer is used for a period of time, a thick layer of frost will form in the freezer. How to deal with it? The frost layer in the freezer is too thick and affects the use. How to solve the problem when it is not too hot? All the above freezer problems need to be explained in the following content.


1) After the freezer is powered off, keep an interval of at least ten minutes before it can be reconnected and used again.

2). Freezer problems. Do not touch the electrical components in the freezer with wet hands, otherwise it is easy to cause food frostbite due to low temperature.

3) The longer the working time of the freezer is, the greater the power consumption and the worse the freezing effect.

4) The freezer should use an independent, three-core power socket and a reliable grounding wire.

5). Do not clean the freezer plug with a damp cloth, and do not touch the wires with wet hands. Avoid electric shock.

6) Freezer problem Don't pile up debris around the freezer, or get too close to the wall, sometimes there is a danger of explosion. This requires special attention.


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