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How to place commercial refrigerators

How to place commercial refrigerators

Many small partners who are new to supermarket and convenience store operations must have a little lack of knowledge about the placement of goods. How to cleverly display and stand out the products in the commercial freezer requires a certain knowledge of display. Doing a good display of the freezer not only plays an important role in the display and promotion of the brand, but is also very important to increase sales.


Product placement skills

Do not store hot food directly

Hot food should never be put in a running commercial freezer. When hot things are put into the freezer, although the surface temperature of the food drops, the temperature inside changes slowly, which is likely to breed harmful substances; and the overall temperature in the freezer will rise, making the food stored inside easily deteriorate, and even more so This will shorten the life of the freezer.


Keep the refrigerator neat and orderly

Keep the freezer clean, wipe and clean it regularly, and try not to place personal belongings. Placing personal items will not only affect the appearance, but may also increase the peculiar smell in the freezer, which will give customers a bad shopping experience.

Store shops in the freezer not to be too full or too tight. If too much food is crowded together, it is easy to cause cross-infection of bacteria between foods. There must be a certain gap between the products so that the cold air in the cabinet can convection. Cold air convection can reduce the load of the unit, extend the service life of the freezer, and save electricity.


Open raw and cooked food

Various parasites and bacteria are common in raw food, which can contaminate cooked food when it is put together with cooked food. Listeria is a common food-borne pathogen, and it can survive even at low temperatures. If the raw and cooked food in the freezer is not separated, it may cause Listeria contamination and cause food poisoning.


Handling meat food

When storing some fish, pork, beef and other foods, it is best to carry out some corresponding treatments before putting them in a commercial freezer. Foods such as fresh fish and meat are best packaged in plastic bags, and then stored in a commercial refrigerator.


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