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How to reduce the noise of the refrigerator?

How to reduce the noise of the refrigerator?

Commercial refrigerator noise value is much higher than home appliances, more than 40 minutes and a half later will make people feel bored, how to reduce the noise of the refrigerator, about better business and neighborhood harmony, the following is a list of common refrigerator noise reduction methods.

1. Reject poor quality refrigerator

We all know that the noise of the refrigerator mainly from the compressor refrigeration system core accessories, poor quality refrigerator will generally use domestic or refurbished compressor, the actual use of the process of noise will be very large, so in the purchase of refrigerator need to pay special attention to the time, cheap is not necessarily good goods.

2. Reduce the number of starts and stops

Just start the compressor noise is the largest, this time is also the compressor workload is the largest time. In the use of refrigerated cabinets should try to reduce the number of starts and stops of the compressor, try to let the refrigerator in the hot start state, not only energy saving can also increase the service life of the refrigerator.

3. Use sound insulation tools

This is not a special case do not just use, sound insulation tools will hinder the compressor heat, the refrigerator has a certain side effect.

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