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How to remove the peculiar smell of the quick-frozen fresh-keeping cabinet?

How to remove the peculiar smell of the quick-frozen fresh-keeping cabinet?

Now you can basically see the freezer in major entertainment venues, supermarkets, convenience stores. Most of the freezers are used to store fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods, but it is inevitable that they will be stored for too long or improperly used. Some foods are rotten and the freezer is full of pungent smells, so what should we do if there is a peculiar smell in the freezer?


1. Everyone knows that activated charcoal can absorb peculiar smell. If charcoal is available in the house, it can be crushed and wrapped with gauze before putting it in the undercounter chillers and freezers, which can effectively absorb the peculiar smell in the refrigerator.

2. If you have oranges, lemons and other fruits at home, you can put the dried orange peels or cut lemon slices in every corner of the freezer, which also has a great effect on removing odors.

3. Fermented foods such as pastries and bread can also absorb peculiar smell. We can make a piece of dough and place it in the air curtain cabinet for a period of time to remove the peculiar smell in the cabinet.

4. Pour half a bowl of rice wine or vinegar into the bottom of the freezer, and let it stand for a few days to remove the peculiar smell in the cabinet.

5. The dry cotton towel can be folded and placed on the top of the freezer. The pores of the towel can absorb peculiar smell, and the towel can be used repeatedly, just wash it and dry it.

The correct way to refrigerate seafood:

With the continuous development of society and economy, people are more and more aware of enjoyment. Various seafood foods have become a favorite of many people. However, the shelf life of seafood is shorter than that of other meats. How to treat seafood well at this time Keeping fresh is very important. The best way to keep seafood fresh is to refrigerate it. Here is a brief introduction to the correct method of refrigerating seafood.


First of all, seafood refrigeration is not suitable to be placed directly in the freezer. For those who are not well-packaged, we should pack and seal them before putting them in the freezer. After all, most seafood has its own strong and unique taste. If the packaging is sealed and placed directly in the freezer, odor will inevitably occur and even directly deteriorate them.

Secondly, the refrigeration temperature of seafood is often extremely low, even much lower than that of ordinary meat. Therefore, we should store seafood in an ultra-low temperature freezer to ensure effective refrigeration of seafood.

Finally, if we eat daily and there is no ultra-low temperature freezer at home, we can put the seafood in the refrigerator at minus 18 degrees Celsius, but it is best to eat the seafood in this way within a week, and the longest cannot exceed half a month, otherwise it will It has a great influence on the taste of seafood.

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