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How to save electricity in display refrigerator?

How to save electricity in display refrigerator?

If you want to use a high-power display refrigerator and are worried about high power consumption, besttop teaches you how to use it to save power.


1. Do not switch on and off the freezer repeatedly

In any case, repeatedly opening and closing the freezer will significantly increase the load during operation. When the temperature cannot be reached, the compressor is prone to overheating, so as to start the thermal protection of the compressor and the refrigeration will be suspended. This will not only consume more power, but also shorten the service life of the compressor. When using, keep unnecessary switches, increase the temperature of the display refrigerator when it is not needed, and then lower the temperature when it is needed to meet the requirements of customers. In this way, there is no need to switch on and off repeatedly, and the refrigerator can also save electricity and energy.



2. The temperature does not need to be adjusted too low

The temperature recommended by the manufacturer is generally about 5 ℃ in summer and about 7 ℃ in winter. This setting can basically meet the temperature requirements of the season at that time. When receiving customer feedback, the temperature can be adjusted appropriately according to the feedback.


3. Close the fridge door in time

One of the many factors of the power consumption of the display refrigerator is that the cabinet door is often opened and closed repeatedly, which will cause the compressor to work repeatedly if the cabinet is not closed in time or not tightly. Therefore, the closing of the refrigerator door should be carefully checked during use.

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