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How to solve the air pollution of refrigerated cabinets

How to solve the air pollution of refrigerated cabinets

Air entering the system will cause certain damage. Air entering the refrigerated cabinet will increase the pressure of the condenser. In a container device, the total gas pressure is equal to the sum of the gas pressures. In the condenser, air occupies a certain volume. Have a certain amount of pressure. In the condenser, the total pressure is the sum of the pressure of the air and the pressure of the refrigerant. Once the air increases, the total pressure of the condenser will increase.

When air exists in the condenser, the gas layer formed on the heat transfer surface of the condenser acts as an added thermal resistance, which reduces the heat transfer power of the condenser. The air contains moisture and enters the condenser, which will increase the internal moisture content, causing corrosion of pipes and equipment. Before the refrigeration system is put into production or after overhaul, it will appear that air is present in the refrigerating cabinet refrigeration system because the air is not completely removed. During normal repairs, the general part of the pipeline equipment of the refrigerated cabinet has not been vacuumed and has been put into operation. It is also possible that when the low-pressure system is under negative pressure, air will invade from tight places.

At the same time, if air enters the refrigerator, the temperature inside the refrigerator will be added. Once the ambient temperature is very high, the temperature inside the refrigerator will suddenly rise, which will affect the refrigeration of the refrigerator and increase the temperature of the food. The refrigerating cabinet should strengthen the refrigeration effect, and even make some susceptible foods metamorphose, and then affect other foods. Therefore, the company that makes the refrigerator must increase the supervision of the production process to ensure that no air invades during the production, and consumers should also pay attention to it when using it to prevent the food from decayed due to faulty use.

Air can enter the refrigerated cabinet, and the air in the refrigeration system of the refrigerated cabinet will cause the refrigerated cabinet to show undesirable results. It is possible for air to enter the refrigerated cabinet system. If there is air, when the exhaust temperature is high, accidents will occur simply when encountering steam such as oil.

Air will be blocked outside the refrigerator. Whether it enters the refrigeration system or the inside of the refrigerator, it will have an unfavorable effect on the refrigerator and the food in the refrigerator.

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