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How to solve the loud noise of the freezer?

How to solve the loud noise of the freezer?

Refrigerators generally use mute technology, so there will be no obvious noise during normal use. However, the freezer needs to be placed in place and stable at one time. Do not move as much as possible at ordinary times, and keep it with the wall or other objects. Appropriate distance. If the abnormal noise is generated within the specified service life and the quality is not problematic, it is mostly caused by unstable placement.


There are many reasons for the noise problem of the freezer. The source of the noise of the freezer is mainly caused by the refrigeration of the refrigerator compressor. In addition to the factors caused by improper operation and other factors, the most important thing is the age of use and the aging of the internal parts of the freezer. The noise increases. If you think that the refrigeration effect of the freezer is good, you don’t need to replace a new freezer, don’t worry, loud noise is not an unsolvable problem, you can avoid these problems as much as possible after mastering the treatment methods, and let your freezer function normally. jobs. Let Gemei freezer tell you a few tips to reduce the noise of the freezer.

1. Increase the vibration resistance of the pipeline and reduce the noise by reducing the vibration frequency. Our freezer is too noisy, sometimes because the vibration on the outer pipeline is strong, we can wind cloth strips on the outer pipeline to increase the vibration resistance of the pipeline to reduce the noise of the freezer.

2. Raise the four feet (3~6mm) under the freezer and adjust the balance of the four corners to reduce noise by increasing the air convection space at the bottom of the freezer. The space at the bottom of the freezer becomes larger, and to a certain extent, the noise can flow out from the bottom, thereby reducing the noise from both sides of the freezer and the upper part of the freezer. This not only reduces noise, but also saves power consumption.

3. The fixing of the internal parts of the freezer is helpful to reduce the noise. Due to the vibration of the internal parts of the refrigerator, it will inevitably become loose after long time use; check the compressor base, if the compressor is pressed tightly by hand, the noise is significantly reduced. Generally, the fixed vibration damping rubber pad of the compressor base is not uniformly stressed or the bolts are loose , Compressor bottom plate is not firm, adjust and tighten the connecting part bolts and replace the gasket that loses elasticity; check whether the connection reinforcement part between the external pipeline and the cabinet body is loose, the pipeline and the cabinet body should be strengthened firmly, and the bolts should be added. Spring washers can also take waste bicycle tires, cut them into a circle with a diameter of 30 mm, and attach rubber to the tube to improve noise.

4. Use the position of the freezer to reduce noise. Make the back of the freezer and the wall at a certain inclination. The freezer has a large opening on one side and a small opening on one side, showing a trumpet shape. The big side emits more noise and should face the object; the small side emits less noise and should face the human activity area.


In fact, no matter what brand of refrigerators can't be absolutely silent, the difference lies in the size of the sound. Secondly, it is normal for the freezer to make the following noises when working:

When the freezer is working, it is normal that there will be a sound of water flowing in the cabinet. This is caused by the movement of the refrigerant in the pipeline, which is caused by the inertia of the refrigerant movement, and will not affect the cooling effect. On the contrary, it may be a blockage fault in the refrigeration system.

Air-cooled refrigerators sometimes make a slight ticking sound, which is the sound made by the defrosting timer relay when it rotates. In some refrigerators, a slight blowing sound may be heard, which is the sound of cold wind blowing when the small fan of the evaporator of the refrigerator is running.

It is normal to hear a "click" sound when the freezer is started or stopped. This is the sound made by the opening or closing of the contact of the heavy hammer relay, thermal protector or defrost timer, and sometimes it will Accompanied by vibrations.

Sometimes a continuous buzzing sound is emitted during the operation of the freezer, which comes from a U-shaped exhaust pipe connected to the compressor. When the compressor of the freezer is running, the U-shaped exhaust pipe will resonate. This is the cause of the buzzing noise and does not affect the normal operation of the freezer. The way to reduce this sound is very simple, just wrap a rope or a piece of tape around the U-shaped tube so that it does not vibrate.

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