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How to solve the problem of water leakage in commercial refrigerators?

How to solve the problem of water leakage in commercial refrigerators?

After many commercial refrigerators are used for a period of time, there will be water leaking under the ground. If they are not treated for a long time, the ground will be wet, and other areas will be soiled if they are accidentally stepped on. Now Ou Xue briefly talks about what to do if the machine leaks.

1. The water receiving tray has been filled with water, overflowing to the ground, so that there is water on the ground around the box.

2. There is too much water in the evaporator at the bottom of the cabinet and it flows to the ground.

3. Press the water tray or the evaporator not to be placed in the right position, deviated, slanted or not placed in place, so that the water will flow out.

4. The drain pan or evaporator is of poor quality, it is aging and cracked by low temperature (refers to the drain pan), high temperature (refers to the evaporator), or is damaged and leaks.

5. The drainage pipe is blocked, and the defrosted water cannot be introduced into the drain pan and evaporator, but flows into it.

6. Store food with high water content in the cabinet, such as large pieces of meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. that have not been drained.


In view of the above methods, we can do some treatment, which can effectively solve the problem of machine leakage:

1. Pour out the water in the drip tray in time.

2. Pour out the accumulated water in the evaporator in time.

3. Put the water receiving pan and the evaporator in the right position, so that the water in the cabinet can accurately flow into the water receiving pan and the evaporator.

4. Repair the broken drain pan and evaporator, and replace the new ones if they cannot be repaired.

5. Circulation drainage pipes. If the user cannot handle it by himself, please ask a professional to solve it.

6. Drain the water from the food, then store it in the cabinet or store it in a bag

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