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How to store milk in the fresh-keeping cabinet?

How to store milk in the fresh-keeping cabinet?

Milk, a nutritious dairy product, has gradually become an indispensable food in everyone's daily diet. There are so many kinds of milk in supermarkets, how to choose? Does the milk need to be placed in the refrigerator?


1. How to choose milk

Observe the ingredient list when buying milk. Generally, the higher the ingredient list, the more such ingredients are contained in the product. Take milk and dairy products as examples. If the ingredient list only contains raw milk, it is real milk, that is, pure milk. If sugar and other food additives are added to the ingredient list, it is a dairy product, which contains less nutrients than milk, and is easy to make people fat. In some ingredient lists, who is ranked first, and second or third is milk. This type of material is milk-containing. Although the taste and taste are better, the nutrition is low.

(1) Compared with skimmed milk, whole milk can retain the nutrients in milk to the utmost extent, is rich in fat-soluble vitamins and calcium, and supplements nutrition more comprehensively.

(2) Skim milk is suitable for people with high blood fat and weight control. The fat in milk is removed, which can stimulate gastric acid secretion.

(3) If you have lactose intolerance, you can choose Shuhua milk with lactase added.

2. Drink milk in moderation

(1) The total daily intake of dairy products for adults should not exceed 500ML, preferably 300ML per day.

(2) Milk is helpful for sleep, just drink 100~200ML before going to bed. If you drink too much, the digestion time will be prolonged, which may cause insomnia.

(3) Hot milk is more nourishing for the stomach than cold milk. Just heat the milk slightly, don't boil it. Otherwise, it is easy to destroy the vitamins in the milk, and the lactose in the milk will be scorched in a high temperature environment, which will affect the absorption of nutrients.

3. How to choose a freezer for storing milk

Fresh milk is favored by people because of its full cold chain processing, short production cycle and less nutrient loss. When merchants choose milk refrigerators, vertical air curtain refrigerators are a good choice. The environment of 2~8℃ is conducive to the storage of fresh milk. With multiple rows of display spaces, consumers have a wider range of choices. Built-in LED lights, more prominent product display effect.

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