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How to test the quality of the product of the refrigerator?

How to test the quality of the product of the refrigerator?

1: Look at the appearance of the cooler design, model specifications, volume and external markings. The key to the exterior design of the paint is whether there can be significant scratches, scratches, paint fall and disproportionate tone condition, whether the surface layer can be significantly disproportionate, whether it can be installed door to door.

2: Understanding the well-known brand and origin of refrigeration compressor. Refrigeration compressor is the core of the cooler, at any time interfere with the refrigerator characteristics of the cooler, noise, duration of use and energy consumption.

3: force evenly pinch the door gall; open the door seal to see if there are screws, because the screws will rust; then compare the total width and thinness of the door seal to see if there are air bags, because this will affect the sealing characteristics of the cooler.

4: force to close the freezer door, good quality freezer, closed the door sound is usually relatively coarse.

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