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How to use and maintain commercial refrigerators?

How to use and maintain commercial refrigerators?

Commercial refrigerators should be placed in a place with low ambient temperature and good ventilation, as far as possible away from radiators, stoves, etc.; proper space should be reserved at the top, left and right sides and rear of the cabinet to facilitate heat dissipation.

Minimize the number and time of door openings. Hot food must be naturally cooled to room temperature before putting it in a commercial freezer. Foods with a lot of moisture should be washed and drained, and then wrapped in plastic bags to avoid affecting the cooling effect and increasing power consumption.

Food storage must have a certain amount, preferably not more than 80% of the volume, otherwise it will affect the air convection in the cabinet, cause food heat dissipation difficulties, affect the preservation effect, increase the working time of the compressor, and increase power consumption.


If there are not many items to be stored, a slightly larger beverage bottle containing salt water can be placed in the commercial freezer. This can achieve the purpose of equalizing the temperature difference inside the cabinet, thereby reducing the number of compressor startup and shutdown times and prolonging the service life of the compressor. In addition, in order to save power, the temperature can be adjusted appropriately according to the number of items stored.

The fins of the condenser of a commercial freezer should be cleaned with a brush every one month or so to improve the heat dissipation effect. Use neutral soap or special detergent for cleaning.

The temperature regulating controller of commercial refrigerators is the key to power saving. The power saving can be achieved by reducing the number of compressor starts.

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