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How to use commercial freezer?

How to use commercial freezer?

Freezer products are used more in shopping malls, especially now that summer is here, the freezer in shopping malls is even more important. For the quality of home life, we cannot do without the freezer. Freezer products are indeed very important. You may buy freezer products, but when you use commercial freezers, do you have to pay attention to some things?

Keep away from heat sources: It should be placed far away from heat sources and not exposed to direct sunlight. Because of the need for heat exchange with the outside world during work, the heat is dissipated to the outside through the condenser. The higher the temperature of the outside environment, the slower the heat dissipation, which will make refrigerators and freezers. The longer the working time, the higher the power consumption and the poorer cooling effect.

It should be placed in a place with low humidity: since refrigerators, freezer shells, condensers and compressors are all made of metal materials, if the air humidity is too high, these parts will rust and shorten the service life of the refrigerator. At the same time, humid and overheated environment will cause condensation on the surface of the refrigerator and affect the performance of electrical appliances.

It should be placed in a well-ventilated place: If the refrigerator or freezer is full of debris, or if it is too close to the wall, it is not conducive to heat dissipation and will affect the cooling effect. There should be a space of at least 30cm on the top of the refrigerator, and a space of at least 10cm on the back and sides of the refrigerator to facilitate heat dissipation.

Should be placed on a flat and solid ground: and keep the compressor level. This is not only for safety, but also makes the compressor work smoothly, reducing vibration and noise.

In summer, the room temperature is relatively high. In order to lower the indoor temperature, some users open the door of the refrigerator to let the air-conditioning in the box escape to lower the indoor temperature. This practice is harmful. According to the law of thermodynamics, during the refrigeration process of a refrigerator, the heat of the condenser is the sum of the heat absorbed by the evaporator and the part of the energy produced by the operation of the compressor. The room temperature cannot be lowered but rises instead. In addition, if the refrigerator is opened for a long time, a thick layer of frost is easy to form on the surface of the evaporator. The continuous operation of the compressor will also cause overheating and burnout, which will seriously affect the service life and performance of the refrigerator.

Refrigerators use the method of reducing temperature to inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms in food, enzyme catalysis and reducing the oxidation rate of food, but low temperature cannot completely kill microorganisms and prevent enzyme catalysis and food oxidation. Many microorganisms can be at 0 It grows slowly in a low temperature environment below ℃, and with the extension of storage time, the food will spoil and deteriorate. Therefore, the storage of food in the refrigerator should not exceed the food storage period.

The precautions for commercial freezers are here. I hope that the introduction of the editor can help you to have more understanding and methods in the maintenance of commercial freezers. I also hope that you can pay attention to all aspects when using commercial freezers in the future and use them with caution. This will also be of great help to the service life and quality of commercial freezers, so it is necessary for everyone to understand the maintenance knowledge of commercial freezers.

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