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How to use the freezer?

How to use the freezer?

First, pay attention to whether the freezer is placed in a reasonable position and whether it is easy to dissipate heat. And also need to check the home's power supply, whether it is grounded, and whether it is a dedicated line.

Second, the user should carefully read the attached product manual and check the various components before use. Usually the power supply used is 220V, 50Hz single-phase AC power supply. During normal operation, the voltage fluctuation is allowed to be between 187-242V. If the fluctuation is large or fluctuating, it will affect the normal operation of the compressor and even burn the compressor. 

Third, the freezer should use a single-phase three-hole socket, which is wired separately. Pay attention to protect the insulation layer of the power cord, do not re-energize the power cord, and do not change or lengthen the power cord at will.

Fourth, after the inspection is correct, you should stand for 2 to 6 hours before starting the machine to avoid oil circuit failure (after handling). After turning on the power, carefully listen to whether the sound of the compressor is normal during startup and operation, and whether there is the sound of pipes colliding with each other. If the noise is too loud, check whether the placement is stable and whether the various pipes are in contact, and do the corresponding Adjustment. If there is a loud abnormal sound, cut off the power immediately and contact a professional repairer.

Fifth, it is necessary to reduce the load when starting to use, because the new moving parts have a running-in process. After running for a period of time, add a large amount to extend the life span. Sixth, the first time you use it, you should not store too much food, leave a proper space to keep the cold air flowing, and try to avoid working at full load for a long time. Hot food should be allowed to cool down to room temperature before putting it in, so as not to cause the freezer to remain non-stop for a long time. Foods should be sealed with fresh-keeping bags or fresh-keeping paper or put in airtight containers, which can prevent food from getting damp, losing water, and smelling. Foods with water should be put in after removing the water to avoid the formation of too much frost due to the evaporation of a large amount of water. Note that no liquid or glassware should be placed in the freezer to prevent damage from freezing and cracking. Do not put volatile, flammable chemical substances, and corrosive acid and alkali items in order to avoid damage.

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