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How to use the vertical refrigerator correctly?

How to use the vertical refrigerator correctly?

The correct use of vertical refrigerators:

1. Newly purchased or moved vertical refrigerators should be allowed to stand for 2 to 6 hours before turning on. Before use, run the empty box with electricity for 2 to 6 hours. Do not start immediately after shutdown, wait for more than 5 minutes to avoid burning the compressor.

2. The freezer should be placed on a flat floor. The indoor environment where the freezer is placed should be well ventilated and dry, with the top at least 50cm away from the ceiling, the left and right sides at least 20cm away from other objects, and the back at least 20cm away from other objects.


3. When the freezer is used, hot food must be cooled to room temperature before being placed in the display cabinet. For vertical air-cooled refrigerators, do not keep food too close to the air outlet when storing food. For direct cooling refrigerators, when the frost thickness reaches 5 mm, manual defrosting is required.

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