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Industrial Fridge

Industrial Fridge

Industrial Fridge is another great addition to your busy kitchen. This unit is built with solid stainless steel inside and out for added durability for your investment.

Features of Industrial Fridge

Besttop industrial size fridge has these features as follows: 

Wire shelves loading capacity more than 40Kg.

Self-closing door.

Integrated stainless steel handle, ensures practical opening of the door that avoids dust and dirt collection.

Standard with Locks.

Stable operation at an ambient temperature of 43 degrees Celsius. Climate Class 5.

Temperature range of -5˚C to 8˚C on refrigerators and -12˚C to -22˚C on freezers.

Applications of Industrial Fridge

Industrial kitchen fridge is widely used in commercial operation channels such as supermarkets, cold drink stores, frozen goods stores, hotels and restaurants.

Display effect is good, and it can be classified storage. Besides, it is convenient to put or take items.

We are provide

custom-made service of industrial size fridge for the power supply, plug, color, size, style, etc. We can provide a reasonable industrial fridge price for customers.

As for the material of panel, we recommend stainless steel. Industrial kitchen fridge panel, is the customer choose refrigerator consider important factors, in fact, the panel is not only consider whether the appearance is beautiful, or and decoration with the degree. In fact, a good panel can not only beautify the refrigerator, can play a more protective role of the industrial kitchen fridge, extend the service life. 

Stainless steel panel: wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant.

We are provide warranty after-sales service.

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