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Inner material of refrigerator

Inner material of refrigerator

Refrigerator liner is an important part of the refrigerator body, it is located in the box (including the door body) inner layer, used to freeze the freezer space and insulation layer, and through the ice pavilion, trellis and fruit and vegetable box and other accessories to store food. At present, the refrigerator liner more than the use of excellent ABS material or modified polystyrene (HIPS) plastic particles, after heating and drying extrusion pressure sheet, vacuum blister molding.

Refrigerator liner material, non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant, good adiabatic insulation properties, good low-temperature resistance. It has good thermal stability and fluidity when melting, easy processing and molding, small shrinkage when molding, and stable product size. Color can be customized according to customer needs, dyeing and granulation is completed at one time, simplifying the production process of plastic products for customers, convenient processing and improving the product yield.

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more consumers want to use to prevent and resist the survival of harmful bacteria healthy refrigerators and freezers, refrigerators, freezers liner material "can antibacterial sterilization" has a new requirement. Qingdao Zhongxin Huamei in the consumer demand for health, to create a variety of material solutions, continued to provide high-quality materials for refrigerator and freezer liner manufacturers.

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