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Introduction to the Size and Specifications of Commercial Freezers

Introduction to the Size and Specifications of Commercial Freezers

1. Dimensions of the upright freezer

The commercial upright freezer has a large capacity. The upright freezer for frozen drinks in the supermarket is almost two meters high and can hold hundreds of bottles of drinks. The size of upright freezer varies according to different brands. Generally, the dimensions of upright freezers are 205× 70×220 cm, or 270×70×220 cm. The dimensions of the freezers are around this range, there is not much difference.

2. Dimensions of the horizontal freezer in commercial refrigeration equipment

As a commercial refrigeration equipment, the horizontal freezer is convenient to take and put goods. It has a large capacity, affordable and durable. The horizontal freezer in supermarket can store a large number of frozen food and ice cream. Generally speaking, the size of horizontal freezer is 100-150 cm in length, 45-70 cm in width and 85-110 cm in height. The horizontal freezer has a push-pull glass table, which is easy to take and put goods, but the air conditioner is easy to drain. The top lift table has the advantages of no loss of air conditioner, power saving and energy saving. It is commonly used for food storage in restaurants. The top lift horizontal freezer is 95cm in height, 65-76cm in length, 60cm, 75cm, 100cm and larger in width.

3. Dimensions of 2 door freezer

The commercial 2 door freezer is generally used in hotel kitchens, with large capacity and good sealing. The size is larger than ordinary freezers, and some have casters for easy movement. For example, the size of 2 door freezer CRT48-2 is 1230 ×760× 2005 mm.

4. Dimensions of small commercial glass fridge

The small-scale commercial refrigeration equipment used in hotel rooms can store few goods, but it can save electricity and energy, which is suitable for customers. Its size is relatively small, and different brands, models and sizes are slightly different.

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