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Is Inverter Double Under Counter Fridge Better Than Frequency Conversion Refrigerator?

Is Inverter Double Under Counter Fridge Better Than Frequency Conversion Refrigerator?

Refrigerator fixed frequency good or frequency conversion good

Refrigerator everyone must be very familiar with, this powerful big box firmly occupies the land at home. The history of the use of refrigerators has been a long time, with the development of science and technology, the change of the refrigerator has also gone through many stages, here we will only pick out the common frequency refrigerator and fixed frequency refrigerator for comparison, to see what the advantages and disadvantages between them, have brought to our life what convenience? First of all, we are introduced to the inverter refrigerator, let's go together to know this amazing appliance.

What is an inverter refrigerator?

Frequency conversion refrigerator it is the larger characteristic is it uses to the compressor, the refrigerator in the process of operation it is not fixed in fact, in the high temperature of the refrigerator compressor speed should be relatively fast some, so as to ensure that the refrigerator can better achieve cooling, and the temperature is low when it will be relatively low speed for operation, make the refrigerator can well ensure the internal temperature. Inverter refrigerator to use without instant start wear and tear, but also effectively extend the service life of the refrigerator, so and fixed frequency compared to inverter refrigerator more power saving, while the noise generated when running is also lower. Frequency conversion refrigerator principle: frequency conversion refrigerator in the main application of frequency conversion technology to achieve the control of the refrigerator compressor speed. Frequency conversion refrigerator in the process of operation, so that the refrigerator can stabilize the temperature inside the refrigerator, reduce the internal temperature fluctuations of the refrigerator on the impact of food preservation, effectively extend the food preservation time, it can be based on the refrigerator operating requirements for accurate frequency conversion, let the refrigerator always keep love better running state, balance the temperature inside the refrigerator. 

The difference between frequency conversion refrigerator and fixed frequency refrigerator 

Frequency conversion and not frequency conversion is like walking and running relationship, frequency conversion is like walking, can be faster or slower but do not have to stop, not frequency conversion is like running, tired of running need to stop to rest and then run again. For the machine, frequency conversion can let the machine reduce the number of starts and stops, so as to reduce the impact of starting and stopping on the machine, not only can let the machine run more stable, but also can play the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. 

1. inverter refrigerator compressor above will have a frequency drive module. 

2. energy-saving refrigerator temperature change frequency less, quick cooling will not produce ice crystal. 

3. the inverter refrigerator model with the "BP" label. 

4. inverter refrigerator key lies in the "change", that is, the refrigerator in the work of the time, the frequency will automatically change, and the wider the range of change, the better the performance. 

5. power saving

Frequency conversion refrigerator in the process of operation to the frequency conversion technology to the refrigerator compressor speed to achieve accurate control, so also can better achieve the purpose of power saving, depending on the frequency refrigerator is dependent on the compressor stop and start to achieve the internal temperature control, refrigerator compressor in the start of power consumption is relatively large, so frequency conversion refrigerator compared to fixed frequency refrigerator in the use of more power saving. 

6. accurate temperature control

Frequency conversion refrigerator in the work, its compressor can be adjusted according to the demand of the refrigerator speed, to ensure that the internal temperature of the refrigerator balance, fixed frequency refrigerator in the use of the temperature of the accurate control is relatively poor, so can not well ensure the internal temperature of the refrigerator balance.

7. noise

Fixed frequency refrigerator in the process of operation of its compressor frequently to start the noise generated by the larger, and frequency refrigerator to achieve accurate control of the speed of the compressor, the compressor does not need to start frequently, so the noise generated is also lower. 

8. price

In terms of price, inverter air conditioner because the use of inverter compressor and for the advanced inverter technology, so its price than the fixed frequency air conditioner will be 50% higher.

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