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Is it true that tropical fruits cannot be stored in the refrigerator?

Is it true that tropical fruits cannot be stored in the refrigerator?

The birth of the refrigerator has facilitated the lives of housewives. They can buy a lot of food at once instead of going to the vegetable market every day, and they don’t have to calculate how much food to make every day. But the refrigerator is not a panacea, not all food can be stored in it for a long time. Most tropical fruits are afraid of cold and should not be kept in the refrigerator. Frostbitten fruits are not only damaged in nutrients, but also easily spoiled. In a few days, the pulp will rot.

Generally speaking, temperate fruits, such as grapes, apples, pears, etc., can be kept fresh in the refrigerator. And when bananas and mangoes are stored at a temperature of 10℃, the peel will turn black; when pineapples are stored at 6℃-10℃, not only the peel will change color, but also the flesh will be water-soaked; lychees, longan, rambutan, etc. When stored at 1 ℃-2 ℃, the color of the exocarp will darken, and the endocarp will have spots like burns. Such fruits are often no longer eaten.


Tropical fruits are best stored in a dark, cool place. If it must be placed in the refrigerator, it should be placed in a high-temperature vegetable and fruit tank, and the storage time should not exceed two days.

The preservation of fruits should also be sorted and handled, and should not be blindly stuffed into the refrigerator.

The first category: Don't put it in the refrigerator, otherwise it will get frostbite. Such as: banana, star fruit, loquat, dragon fruit, etc.

Most of them are cold-tolerant and are not suitable for refrigeration in the refrigerator. The skin is sunken and some dark brown spots appear, which means that the fruit has been frostbited. Frostbitten fruits are not only damaged in nutrients, but also easily spoiled. In a few days, the color of the flesh will turn brown and begin to rot.

The second category: It can be put in the refrigerator, but it must be ripened first. Such as: durian, mango, custard apple, passion fruit, persimmon, papaya, etc. The third category must be placed in the refrigerator to be stored for a long time. Such as: peach, mulberry, plum, litchi, longan, rambutan, cherry, chestnut, guava, grape, pear, strawberry, mangosteen, dragon fruit, melon, grapefruit, etc. The fourth category can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated. Such as: lemon, pineapple, grape, orange, olive, green date, apple, watermelon, orange, coconut, grapefruit, sugar cane, etc.

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