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Is the abnormal refrigeration effect of the display cabinet related to the compressor?

Is the abnormal refrigeration effect of the display cabinet related to the compressor?

It is inevitable that some small faults rarely appear when we use some freezers. After all, it is impossible for large electrical appliances to have problems from the purchase to the replacement of new ones.

So the same applies to our display cabinets, but the abnormal cooling effect of the display cabinet has a certain relationship with the compressor, but it does not mean that the display cabinet is not cooled or has a poor cooling effect. It is related to the compressor. The compressor is only One of them is as follows.

First: The heat dissipation effect of the display cabinet is not good due to the placement of the display cabinet or other problems, causing the compressor and condenser to not be able to dissipate the heat normally, and finally showing a poor cooling effect. If this situation is more serious The result is that the compressor is damaged and cannot continue to work.

Second: Ice blockage can also cause poor cooling performance. If frost or icing occurs during the operation of the display cabinet and it is not cleaned up in time, it will show that the cooling effect of the display cabinet is good for a while and the cooling effect is poor. Circumstances, cleaning the display cabinets in time can solve this situation.

Third: The temperature of the display cabinet is not set correctly. Under normal circumstances, the outside temperature in summer is relatively high. The temperature of the display cabinet should be set lower. If the temperature setting is opposite to that in cold winter, we need to be clear about this. Recognition.

Fourth: Frequent opening and closing of the door of the display cabinet for a long time and a long opening and closing time will also cause the air-conditioning inside to leak, and the cooling effect is not good. Of course, storing too much and disorderly also has a certain impact on the refrigeration effect.

Fifth: If none of the above conditions exist and the refrigeration effect is poor, it is possible to judge the problem of the display cabinet compressor. We need to remove the return air pipe and seal the outlet position before turning on the compressor. If The pressure displayed by the compressor after the test is too low. At this time, the poor cooling effect is really related to the compressor. It is recommended to find a master for repair in time.

The above content is an explanation of the reasons for the poor cooling effect of the display cabinet. If you have any questions or incomprehensions, you are welcome to inquire at any time, thank you for your patience!

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