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Kitchen Reach In Refrigerator Selection Guide

Kitchen Reach In Refrigerator Selection Guide

The size, volume and door body form of kitchen reach in refrigerator

Size and capacity is the first problem facing the purchase of refrigerators. The upper and lower limits of the optional size are determined by the reserved space and volume demand respectively. 1. reserved position and volume demand new house decoration is recommended to refrigerator as the starting point for kitchen planning. Kitchen space is limited. To ensure that capacity needs are met, do not blindly limit the height, width and depth of the refrigerator before selecting it. Reasonable line design should ensure that the "preparation → cleaning → processing → cooking" process is smooth and efficient. It can be seen that the priority of refrigerator placement, kitchen > dining room > living room. Theoretically, in order to ensure heat dissipation and open the door for convenience, the refrigerator is recommended to be placed on both sides and the back of each reserved about 10cm distance. In fact, due to the existence of design redundancy and heat dissipation structure improvement, in order to ensure that the premise of the normal opening of the door, both sides of each reserved about 5cm can. In the premise that space allows, it is recommended to refer to the standard of 100~150L/person, combined with the frequency of purchase of family ingredients, to determine the volume requirements. Remember, the essence of the refrigerator is "time management tools". 2. door form refrigerator according to the door form is divided into single door, two doors, three doors, doors and multi-door (including cross door, French multi-door, Japanese multi-door, etc.).

The structure of the refrigeration principle, technology type and functional parameters

1. the basic structure and working principle of the refrigerator

Refrigerator is mainly composed of refrigeration system, control system, door body and accessories. Refrigeration and heat insulation are the two bases of the refrigerator.

2. refrigerator technology type

2.1 direct cooling, air-cooled and mixed cooling

Direct cooling refrigerator is characterized by the evaporator directly with the indoor chamber or air contact heat absorption. Air-cooled (also known as "air-cooled") refrigerator using a fan to transport the air to the evaporator cavity hidden in the back plate, heat absorption and then sent back to the chamber, and so on. Mixed cold (also known as "wind direct cooling") refrigerator freezer room for direct cooling, freezer room for air cooling.

Selection advice

Air-cooled refrigerator forced convection, centralized heat exchange, automatic defrost characteristics to meet the large volume of refrigerators, multi-partition, humane development trend, is suitable for most users of the choice.

Direct cooling refrigerator is characterized by good overall moisturizing effect of the freezer, low price, suitable for limited budget, the refrigerator volume demand is not big users.

2.2 single cycle and multi-cycle refrigerator single cycle and multi-cycle refers to the structure type of refrigeration circuit. In the single-way refrigeration cycle system, refrigerant along a single path flow; in the multi-way refrigeration cycle system, refrigerant cycle path is not unique. There are several types of multiple refrigeration cycle systems. Take parallel dual cycle as an example, the refrigerated and frozen rooms are set up with separate evaporators, and the refrigerated branch is connected in parallel with the frozen branch. The refrigerated mode operates alternately with the frozen mode: the refrigerated cycle is performed first, and then the solenoid valve switches to the frozen cycle when the temperature of the refrigerated room reaches a preset value.

Selection advice

How to judge a refrigerator with multi-cycle refrigeration system or single-cycle refrigeration system? For the direct cooling refrigerator, the judgment is based on the freezer and freezer room can be independent temperature regulation. For the air-cooled refrigerator, the judgment is based on whether there is a refrigerator evaporator. Multi-system air-cooled refrigerator parameter table contains "refrigerated defrost power" a, back circuit diagram marked "solenoid valve", "refrigerated defrost heating wire", "refrigerated defrost sensor". "Refrigeration frost sensor" and other components. Multi-circulation system refrigerator to double circulation is the most common. Generally only a few high-end cross-door and folio three-door refrigerator with three cycle system. Most independent double-cycle refrigerator in the publicity when using the "double system" of the statement (to distinguish from the "air circulation"). If you are not sure, it is recommended to consult with customer service "is a single system or double system". Note: multiple duct cycle ≠ multiple refrigeration cycle! Recognize the nature of "multi-cycle" to avoid being misled by the propaganda of the concept of business substitution. Multi-cycle refrigeration system can put an end to the different room crosstalk phenomenon, but also can solve the problem of low refrigerated air temperature, but to improve the overall performance of the refrigerator, multi-cycle is not an irreplaceable technical path (such as the Japanese refrigerator is based on single-cycle), it is recommended to consider as a plus point.

2.3 fixed frequency and frequency conversion

The fixed frequency and frequency conversion of the refrigerator refers to the compressor control mode. Fixed frequency compressor that is fixed speed compressor, only start and stop two states. Inverter compressor can be variable speed compressor, controlled by the inverter board, according to the refrigeration demand to choose the appropriate speed.

Selection advice

Fixed frequency refrigerator is mainly concentrated in the low-end market below 2000 yuan. Mainstream price and mid-to-high-end refrigerators generally use frequency conversion technology. Considering the promotion and subsidy price, by and large, more than 1500 yuan inverter refrigerator is the default choice. Inverter is just the basis, its advantage is relative to the ordinary fixed frequency refrigerator. Different inverter refrigerator in temperature control, noise and other aspects of the performance can be very different. Inverter refrigerator is not necessarily good preservation of freshness and low noise. Specific model specific analysis.

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