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Matters needing attention for temperature regulation and food preservation in the commercial fridge

Matters needing attention for temperature regulation and food preservation in the commercial fridge

How to better adjust the gear of the commercial fridge?

Here's reminders from Cloud Ice:

1. If the indoor temperature is higher than 28℃ in high-temperature areas in south China in summer, the compressor will continue to work if the set value is relatively high, and it needs to be used carefully;
2. In the northern part of the country where the temperature is relatively low, if the indoor temperature is lower than 10℃ in winter and the setting is lower than third gear, the compressor may fail to start.

When storing a variety of foods in the commercial fridge, how should we set the temperature?

Refrigerating and fresh-keeping zones in the commercial fridge:

Commercial fridge keeps food such as fruits, vegetables, milk, soy products, eggs, beverages and beer fresh and warm, and ensures that food doesn't lost any nutrients and retains its moisture.

The variable-temperature zone of the commercial fridge:

The commercial fridge freezer has a number of temperature zones, including the low temperature preservation zone of 2 to 3℃, micro refrigeration zone of 3 to 5℃, soft refrigeration zone of 6 to 8℃ and high temperature preservation zone of 10 to 14℃ .
The commercial fridge with multi-temperature zones can contain a variety of foods in different temperature zones and can keep food fresh while focusing on details, thus ensuring that food tastes fresher and tastier.

In order to store meat, fish, dumplings, and other frozen foods for a longer period of time, a fridge with a temperature below -18℃ must be used. High quality commercial fridges require fast freezing, long freezing times, etc., so as to ensure that fresh food is stored at low temperatures and will not go bad and lose quality.

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