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Matters to note in the frozen food in the freezer quick-freeze

Matters to note in the frozen food in the freezer quick-freeze

Now more and more people like to buy frozen food in the supermarket, most people put frozen food directly into the freezer, a long time. Although the shelf life of frozen food is longer than fresh food, but if not handled properly, it is also easy to deteriorate.

We all know that frozen food can be frozen in the freezer to ensure its quality, but few people know how the food in the freezer is frozen. Factors affecting the freezer food quick-freeze have food frozen quick-freeze in a certain thickness of the case freezer, can ensure that the food freezing process generates the number and size of ice crystals simply unchanged, the grain is relatively small. Can be achieved to preserve freshness. Food quick-freeze and temperature-related, the temperature must be a certain low, to be adjusted according to the nature of the food, different food can have different temperatures.

Food contains two different kinds of water, self-contained water and colloidal bound water colloidal bound water is attached to the surface of the food. After the ice crystals cryogenic freezer in a low-temperature environment to store food can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, hold hate is safe.

Each kind of food has a cooling medium temperature. Different food has a different cooling medium temperature. The lower the temperature of the cooling medium, then the freezer food is frozen frozen faster.

Refrigerated cabinet food frozen up factors and the impact of the temperature of the food itself, the high coefficient of thermal conductivity of food than the low coefficient of thermal conductivity of food frozen quick freeze. High thermal conductivity, heat transfer fast heat dissipation is also fast. This is a two-way street. At the same time the thickness of the food also has a certain impact. We will also find through common sense, the volume of the thickness of the food up to the slow freezing time, while the volume of small contact area of the food is the fastest freezing time. The thicker the food, the longer the freezing time of the food.

Frozen food must be stored in the freezer. There are many factors that make frozen food freeze quickly, to find the reason why it freezes quickly, to speed up the speed of freezing, resulting in better and faster freezing of frozen products. Ensure the quality of frozen food

Look carefully at the packaging of frozen food commodities, general frozen food are required to preserve the freezer at minus 18 degrees Celsius, and most of the freezer at home can not reach this temperature. Between minus 18 degrees Celsius to minus 25 degrees Celsius, the texture of frozen food will be more stable, if lower than this temperature, the shelf life is reduced accordingly. So your home freezer can not reach minus 18 degrees Celsius, frozen food after opening, it is best to eat as soon as possible, otherwise easy to spoil.

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