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Not all freezers can do cellular level freezing

Not all freezers can do cellular level freezing

Australian lobster, French oysters, or Japanese tuna, now you don't have to reach the origin to taste the freshness of the ingredients.

The development of freezing technology has provided great convenience to our lives and a qualitative leap in quality, allowing food from all over the world to be placed fresh in your refrigerator as before.

The freshness of frozen ingredients is inseparable from the temperature at which they are frozen.


In the process of slow freezing, the water outside the cells will first crystallize, the concentration of the solution outside the cells will increase, the water inside the cells constantly penetrate to the outside and solidify, forming larger ice crystals in the external space, which will deform and destroy the cells, making the freshness, taste and flavor of the ingredients greatly reduced.

To guarantee the freshness of the ingredients to a greater extent, it is necessary to freeze the ingredients rapidly in a short period of time to pass through the ice crystal area in the shortest possible time, to reduce the damage of ice crystals on the cell walls of the ingredients, to avoid damage to the tissues of the ingredients, and to reduce the nutritional loss of the ingredients.

To confirm the effect of different freezing temperatures on the freshness of ingredients, a seven-day freezing experiment was conducted to compare two plates of fresh shrimp of the same quality in a -18℃ ordinary freezer and a -40℃ cellular level freezer.

From the comparison experiment can be seen, -18 degrees Celsius frozen fresh shrimp in seven days after the obvious blackening, while -40 degrees Celsius frozen ice shrimp in seven days after only a small change in the location of the tail.

For the general freezer, -18 ℃ freezing temperature, although it can delay the deterioration of the ingredients, but it will cause damage to the cell wall, resulting in nutrition and taste is much worse than before.

And after -40 ℃ freezing the status of the ingredients can be clearly seen, after many days are no significant changes, maintaining the color and flavor of fresh ingredients as well as nutrition.

The more fresh and high-end ingredients, the more demanding the storage environment, want to retain the original fresh taste, to maintain the fresh state of the ingredients, the need for cell-level freezing -40 ℃ deep condensation fresh function, so that the nutrition and taste of ingredients perfect storage.

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