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Notes on purchasing ice cream display freezer

Notes on purchasing ice cream display freezer

Ice cream is very popular in the summer, is a lot of cake stores, beverage stores and related industries will be operating the project. Ice cream storage and sales can not be separated from the ice cream display cabinets, then in the purchase of ice cream display freezer to pay attention to what?

Ice cream display freezer as refrigerated display fridge, and other refrigerated display cabinets have the same considerations, such as the choice of formal refrigeration equipment manufacturers, although the refrigeration technology is now more mature, but for the manufacturers without qualifications, there is still an industry threshold. From the refrigeration effect, the formal ice cream display cabinet manufacturers after years of production experience, combined with the long-term accumulation of customer feedback, you can do the best refrigeration effect, because the different lengths of the size of the ice cream display cabinet, to achieve the optimal refrigeration capacity and energy saving, the need for a long-term cumulative process to find the best optimization method. And some unqualified manufacturers, although the production of ice cream display cabinet appearance may be similar, but the refrigeration effect may be very poor, or very power consumption.

For the formal ice cream display freezer manufacturers, after-sales service is an important indicator of the constant amount of a business. Many small manufacturers, in addition to low price sales products, after-sales service does not care. This leaves a great hidden danger to customers. Ice cream display cabinet as a commercial freezer, poor working environment, high intensity, with the use of the growth of time, or improper use, inevitably small failures, which require ice cream display cabinet to have a perfect after-sales service to protect normal business.

Ice cream display freezer and ordinary refrigerated display fridges also have a slightly different place, such as ordinary refrigerated display cabinets temperature of about 2 to 8 degrees, the compressor requirements may not be very high (but a good compressor is definitely more power saving), but the ice cream display cabinets need to be -18 degrees below the temperature, the temperature requirements are very high. If the quality of the compressor is not up to par, then the temperature is difficult to reach so low, it will affect the ice cream and insulation effect and taste, directly affect the daily operation.

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